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About branch Ivanovo

Автостанция Иваново

Address: 225800, Ivanovo, Krasnykh Partizan street, 3

Head of the branch: Valentey, Alexander Mikhailovich

Branch "Ivanovo" is a separate structural unit of JSC "Pinsk bus Park", is located outside the place of JSC "Pinsk bus Park" and performs part of its functions.

Branch is not a legal entity, has independent balance, settlement and other Bank accounts. The branch has a stamp with its name, necessary for realization of industrial-economic activities.

In its activities is guided by current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of JSC "Pinsk bus Park", regulations on the branch "Ivanovo", orders and directives of the Director. The subject is meeting the needs of legal and natural persons in passenger traffic, efficient use of vehicles.

Carries out transportation of passengers in urban, suburban, intercity and international traffic. Today, there are 3 city route 52 suburban, 1 trunk route.

Branch "Ivanovo" serves 78 settlements, the coverage of bus service settlements in the Ivanovo district is 100%.