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The history of the company

The story of the bus fleet starts with the creation by Decree of the Presidium of the BSSR Supreme Council on 15 January 1940 Pinsky motor company. The first head of the enterprise became Governor G. O.

In the postwar years motor vehicles office located on Polesskaya str. The company employs about 70 people. The rolling stock consisted of 6 buses GAZ-AA and 15 vehicles ZIS-5. In 1949, 4 buses began to serve the suburban lines linking the town of Pinsk district centers.

1 August 1955 happened to split the company into two independent, motor transportation office of passenger transport and motor vehicles office of freight transport. From this time on, August 1 became the birthday of the motor transportation office of passenger transport.

In 1962, ATK was renamed the bus-taxi Park, which was located at str.

In 1966, the motor company held the new production building of the ring passage 10. On the ground floor is occupied by auto repair shops and domestic premises, on the 2nd and 3rd floor - administrative offices, auditorium, canteen. In 1966, he was commissioned hull painting and welding departments. In 1971 the building of the materials warehouse, on the 2nd floor - auditorium. In 1981 the building workshop (I-2 welding), to which were attached three additional buildings for the repair of buses. In 1988 built new petrol station. In 1990 entered the mechanical washing of buses wastewater treatment facilities. In 1997, enacted its own boiler. In October 1998, put into operation a new administrative building, the construction of which was begun in 1987.

From 1972 to 1987 the company was called "Convoy No. 2431". June 8, 1987, the convoy 2431 reorganized into "Fleet No. 3 of Pinsk" and then 06.02.2001 in transport Republican unitary subsidiary enterprise "Bus fleet No. 3 of Pinsk" Republican unitary transport enterprise "brestgruzavtoservis".

26.01.2009 year RUDP "Bus fleet No. 3 of Pinsk" was reorganized into open joint stock company "Pinsk bus Park".

Three times the company has changed its legal address, six times – name.