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I come to a stop strictly for a specific departure time of the bus of my route. Faced with a situation when the bus went off two minutes early. My outrage is no limit. Why buses don't run on schedule?



The main regulatory legal act regulating the implementation process of the transport of passengers in the Republic of Belarus, are "Rules of automobile transportations of passengers", approved by resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 972 of 30.06.2008.

In paragraph 227 of this document stated that the car carrier when performing transport of passengers is obliged to put the vehicle in regular communication with urban and suburban passenger road transport – not earlier than 3 minutes and no later than 5 minutes relative to the time schedule. Consequently, ahead of schedule, for a period of up to three minutes and being late for up to five minutes are not a violation of the law, i.e., these deviations are permissible.

Executing motion graphics drivers controlled by an automated system GPS/GLONASS-monitoring of transport "Azimut-2" (satellite navigation system). Employees of JSC "Pinsk bus Park", as well as the employees who are the right holder of the system, do not have the physical ability to make any adjustments to the credentials of the system GPS/GLONASS-monitoring (location, time, speed, etc.) because they are formed by the use of space equipment and ground segment (control systems).

Each of the drivers pilagay efforts for strict implementation schedule of each specific flight, as in the case of recognition software complex automated system of dispatching management of irregular flight (delay over 5 minutes and the ahead more than 3 minutes in accordance with the requirements of the legislation), the driver automatically loses part of the bonus for the traffic disruption.

To ensure that each bus arrived at each stop "to the second" physically impossible, because the time to overcome the distance from one stopping point to the next is affected by a number of objective and subjective factors: the intensity of traffic flows; operation of traffic lights; the level of passenger traffic, which affects the time of planting at a specific stopping point; time of day; condition of the carriageway; weather conditions, etc.

Sucks at stopping points to "waiting time" to produce illogical, since this situation is inevitable will provoke the admission to the company of addresses of passengers of other categories of complaints regarding the quality of transport services.



Recently ran up to the bus in the back, and the door slammed shut almost "nose". I beat the bus and the driver did not react and left. Why drivers behave so shamelessly?


The ANSWER is 2

Installed on the buses rear-view mirrors allow drivers to monitor the entrance and exit of passengers, closing doors, and view a small part of space near the vehicle (the right mirror). After closing the doors, the driver's attention is already focused on the left mirror in order to safe the departure from the stopping point and to prevent collisions with other road users. The driver is not physically able to see all raced to the bus people.

During the General team meetings and individually to the drivers communicated about the need for a high quality of service to passengers, including raced by waiting passengers.


In 2015, at the age of 55 years I have gone to a preferential pension. Recently passed in the Shuttle bus. Showed the driver, a pension card, but I concessional ticket is not issued. The driver said that the 50-cent discount will be given for the achievement of my age 60 years. Correctly received, the driver of the bus, not giving me a discount ticket?


The ANSWER is 3.

The right to a 50 percent discount from fare fixed by the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from 29.04.2011 № 176 "On state support of pensioners". The specified discount is given to citizens who have reached generally established retirement age who are assigned to the state pension, regardless of its type. At the same time 50 percent discount from fare established not only when traveling by automobile passenger transport of General use regular suburban message (except a taxi), but if travel by rail transport in trains of the regional lines economy class, as well as on water transport. Discount for seasonal agricultural work annually from 1 may to 30 September with the presentation of pension certificates. Citizens, who retired on early old-age pension in connection with the work under special conditions (reduced pension), the right to a 50 percent discount is available only on the achievement of obseoustanovlennogo retirement age.

In addition, the discount is available to parents and wives of servicemen died as a result of injury, concussion or injury upon presentation of their certificates on the right to benefits. Persons having such certificate, entitled to a 50% discount can be realized only for achievement of generally established pension age.

The right to a 50 percent discount not only have the pensioners – citizens of the Republic of Belarus, and foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who permanently reside on the territory of the Republic get a pension (from) the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other States have pension certificates of these States and have reached generally established retirement age. To confirm the fact of permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the specified category of citizens in addition to the pension certificate is required to submit residence permit.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus from 17.04.1992 No. 1596 "On pension provision" the right to old-age pension on General grounds, upon reaching the generally established retirement age are:

- in 2016: men – 60, women – 55 years;

- in 2017: men – 60 years 6 months, women 55 years 6 months.

in 2018: men: 61 years women – 56 years;

- in 2019: males – 61 years 6 months, female – 56 years 6 months.

- in 2020: men – 62 years, women – 57 years;

- in 2021: men – 62 years 6 months, women – 57 years 6 months.

- in 2022 and subsequent years: men – 63 years, women – 58 years.


trong>QUESTION 4:

Whether lawfully entered the conductor, refusing me to take the bus route bike?


The execution order of the road transportation of Luggage and hand Luggage is defined by the Rules of automobile transportations of passengers, the approved resolution of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 30.06.2008 № 972 (hereinafter – the Rules). On the website JSC "Pinsk bus Park" posted the current Rules, with changes and additions introduced by the resolution of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus from 31.08.2018 No. 636.

According to paragraph 2 of the Rules, baggage or hand baggage are classified into 3 types:

- baggage or hand Luggage, large objects having a size of more 100х60х40 cm or the sum of the three dimensions more than 200 cm or weighing more than 40 kg.;

- baggage or hand Luggage small items having dimensions not more than 60х40х20 cm or the sum of three dimensions not more than 120 cm and weight not exceeding 20 kg;

- baggage or hand Luggage srednekislye – objects having a size of not more than 100х60х40 cm or the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 200 cm, and weight not more than 40 kg.

According to paragraph 67 of the Rules, it is forbidden to carry Luggage and (or) hand Luggage containing explosive, flammable, oxidizing, corrosive, radioactive, poisonous, poisonous (toxic), ozone-depleting, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, smelly, with a pungent odor substances and objects sharp and (or) cutting items (without packaging or covers that preclude injury to passengers and damage to their property), firearms without the presence of the passenger the document confirming the right to carry, and not attached to the cover (holster), as well as other objects and substances which, when the carriage may cause harm to passengers, driver, conductor or damage to or contamination of the vehicle, Luggage and (or) carry-on baggage. For transportation as baggage are not accepted as fragile items, money, jewelry, precious metals, stones and articles thereof, securities and commercial papers, keys, identification documents, documentids exit from the Republic of Belarus and (or) entry into the Republic of Belarus, certificates and other documents confirming special status (rights and obligations) of the owner, and other similar items. Baggage is accepted only in proper, sealed containers.

The specified Rules item name items of baggage or hand Luggage is not specified. They defined the list of criteria on which those or other items prohibited for carriage by road. For example, the bike can be restricted to the carriage for the reason that it can cause harm to passengers, driver, conductor or damage to or contamination of the vehicle, Luggage and (or) hand Luggage.

Paragraph 223 of the Rules identified that passenger is entitled to carry one hand baggage place small, long objects with size up to 151см, as well as a wheelchair, canes, crutches, walkers, and other means of rehabilitation for the personal use of the disabled, a musical instrument in box, skis, hockey sticks, fishing rods, gun in the bag, small garden tools, bike disassembled and Packed, the size of which is the sum of measurements in length, width and height do not exceed 200cm, kids Bicycle, sledge and carriage. In excess of the free baggage allowance on buses with no Luggage compartment , the passenger is entitled to transport for a fee no more than one piece of small hand Luggage, and buses with a Luggage compartment – no more than two pieces of small Luggage or one Luggage srednemirovogo. In addition, the passenger is entitled to transport for a fee in the Luggage compartment in the presence of technical possibilities and with the consent of the car carriervernonscasino, the number of small and srednemirovyh of Luggage and large baggage.

Thus, when performing transport of passengers the transport of bicycles is permitted only in disassembled and packaged form, provided that the pack size in the amount of measurements in length, width and height will not exceed 200 cm.