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In Pinsk there took the opportunity to pay the fare on the bus using the QR-code

01 april 2020, 16:15 Новости Просмотров: 1968

Public transport Pinsk with 02.04.2020 the opportunity to sell and validate tickets with QR code. We are talking about the fare through a mobile application named "Pay". All you need to pay for is the smartphone of the passenger, labels with a QR code in the bus and QR code conductor (controller).

You can buy tickets directly in the bus with your smartphone just in one click. For this transport placed QR codes to purchase e-ticket on one trip. The passenger is to log in to the application "Pay", scan the QR code, select the number of tickets and confirm the payment (click "Pay"). In case of successful payment, mobile phone screen displays an informational message about the acquisition of the electronic ticket, which indicates all the necessary information: ticket number, vehicle number, it belongs to the buses, date and time of the purchase and the cost of the travel document.

As for the ticket check by the conductor (or controller), then the passenger must enter the application "Pay" and scan the QR code conductor (controller). If the passenger has an electronic ticket, after checking his cell phone displayed the purchased ticket with the status "PAID". The ticket is valid until the end of the trip. If the ticket is invalid, the corresponding label ("INVALID") appears at the bottom of the ticket. Accordingly, the passenger can be applied measures of administrative responsibility for ticketless travel. The application is protected against multiple use of the ticket, and it is sent (replicate).

It should be noted that Pinsk was one of the first cities of the Republic, which introduced a new method of fare payment in public transport. Undoubtedly, this will bring additional convenience and comfort to residents and guests of the city. In the future, thus it will be possible to acquire and proezds tickets for a long time. The app is available for download in the AppStore and Play Market.

The project was implemented JSC "Belinvestbank" in cooperation with the IT-company LWO. In the initial phase the system operates in a test mode on the part of company vehicles, which are mainly used in the service of regular city routes No. 4 and No. 13. During the test period, to pay the fare by using the QR code in the bus on Board, which from the stopping points is a logo of mobile app "Pay for Transport".