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Resume service the route Pinsk-Warsaw

20 july 2020, 08:54 Новости Просмотров: 3606

With 17.07.2020 resumed servicing the route Pinsk-Warsaw.

The flights will be serviced on Fridays and Sundays. departure time from AV "Pinsk" - 04:00, from AV "Warszawa Zachodnia" - 17:30.

C 30.07.2020 added flights on Thursdays and Saturdays

For more information call: +375(44) 7 0000 99, 8(0165) 68 35 75

Entry to the Republic of Poland from the Republic of Belarus is possible only for the following categories of citizens:

1. Citizens Of The Republic Of Poland.

2. Foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens of the Republic of Poland or remain under their constant care.

3. Foreigners holding the card of a pole.

4. Heads of diplomatic missions and members of diplomatic and consular personnel of the mission, that is, persons with diplomatic status and members of their families.

5. Foreigners are entitled to permanent or temporary residence in
the territory of the Republic of Poland.

6. Foreigners eligible to work in the territory of the Republic of Poland, that is foreigners having the right to work on the same terms as Polish citizens with a work permit, proof of registration in the register of seasonal work, the inquiry on assignment of work to a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland, as well as those who:

- performs work in the territory of the Republic of Poland or
- represents the documents from which it follows that start of work will start immediately after crossing the border.

7. Foreigners who drive a vehicle for the transport of persons or goods and their transit is carried out within the framework of their professional activity, consisting in the transportation of goods or people transportation.

8. Pupils and students studying in Poland.

9. Citizens of member States of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and their spouses and children, with the purpose of crossing the territory Of the Republic of Poland, no longer than 12 hours from the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Poland to the place of residence or stay.

10. The drivers engaged in road transport as part of international road transport and international combined transport, transit through the territory of the Republic of Poland other means of transport than a vehicle used for road transport:

- to get a stay on the territory of the host country,
upon receipt of the holidays mentioned above, and after a break in employment under circumstances specified in the Law on working time of drivers.

11. In particularly justified cases not listed above, the commander of the border post after obtaining the consent of the chief commander of the border guard service may allow foreigners to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The presence of a mask and gloves – a prerequisite on the Polish border. The passenger must be ready to provide the address of residence during the period of self-isolation. At elevated body temperature, passengers on the territory of Poland are not allowed

From the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Belarus no restrictions out there.

Information passengers can check yourself on the phone:

+ 48 22 500 41 49 (9.00-16.00)

To view detailed information on crossing the border you can,Koronawirus-zmiany-na-granicy.html
JSC "Pinsk bus Park" is not responsible for existing passenger documents required for crossing the border.

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