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Detour. Construction work on the street.

18 may 2020, 23:00 Новости Просмотров: 461

In connection with the production of construction works on the street around crossing with the street, with 18.05.2020 presumably 30.05.2020 in the order of service to the urban route network the following changes are made.

  1. Buses of routes №№ 2, 12, 12A, 29, 32 while moving in the direction of the street after crossing the railway crossing on the street Rokossovskogo will pass according to the scheme: Rokossovsky – Student – J. Gurenkova and further along the route. Movement in the opposite direction – the opposite way (to route 29, in the usual way, on the street Rokossovsky).
  2. ATTENTION! The trails are excluded from maintenance halts "housing of Pinsk" (in both directions) and the "Student" (in both directions), will additionally be serviced stopping places "Rokossovsky" (in both directions) and "medical College" in the direction of the street of Kirov.

We apologize for the inconvenience.