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Updated: In the order of service to the urban route network changes

14 may 2020, 14:50 Новости Просмотров: 988

In connection with the production of works on construction of the reservoir and the closure to traffic of the street 60 years of October on a site from crossing with street of Brest to the intersection with Shiloh since the beginning of the day 21.04.2020 presumably to 30.06.2020 in the order of service to the urban route network the following changes are made.

Temporarily stops the regular maintenance of the urban route No. 23A, through which carried out the transportation of pupils of the Pinsk sports school on rowing and sailing sports PPO EE "Polessky state University" (a Rowing club).

The scheme of movement of buses on route 23A is reduced to a neighborhood, "West", i.e. the route transformirovalsya in No. 23.