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Service city routes, in connection with holidays 28.04.2020 and 01.05.2020

21 april 2020, 10:20 Новости Просмотров: 1955

In connection with holidays 28.04.2020 and 01.05.2020 and working day shift from Monday 27 April to Saturday 4 April, and in connection with religious holidays of all souls, the service of city routes of JSC "Pinsk bus Park" in the period from 23.04.2020 for 28.04.2020 will be made in the following way.

23.04.2020 (Thursday, Nasca Easter) – maintenance schedule of the working day. Service routes No. 25 (city cemetery in area D. Posenichi) and No. 31 (city cemetery in area D. Cargocity) – scheduled day off.

24.04.2020-26.04.2020 – service schedule day of the week.

27.04.2020 (Monday, the day of the funeral at the municipal cemetery in the village of Cargocity 10:00) – scheduled maintenance weekend (Sunday). Service route 31 – schedule of the day with the introduction of at least three additional turnovers, which schedule will be based on the time of the funeral service.

28.04.2020 (Tuesday, Radunitsa) – scheduled maintenance weekend (Sunday).

For service of route No. 25 will be used 10 pieces of rolling stock. The expected number of departures from the ring road at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Central – 97 (194 flight). The first departure from the ring – 08:58, last departure from the cemetery – 15:20. For maintenance of route 31 will involve 3 units of rolling stock. The number of shipments from DP "rainbow" – not less than 13.

We also inform you that it is possible to make adjustments in the above order of service routes №№ 25, 31 on the basis of real demand routes.