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In the route network of commuter changes

26 november 2019, 10:05 Новости Просмотров: 943

With 27.11.2019 in order to improve the quality of public services in the route network of suburban the following changes are made.

  1. Excluded-in rural settlements Gornova, Sarnicki bus route Pinsk-Lasici on weekdays with a simultaneous change of time of departure from AV "Pinsk" from 07:00 to 07:15 (i.e. the bus will follow the "straight"). Saturday service route Pinsk-Lasici remains unchanged.
  2. On the route Pinsk-Lopatino on working days, you enter the check-in Sarnicki D. and D. Gornova when driving in Pinsk morning flight. At the same time, the departure time of the flight from AB "Pinsk" is changed from 05:55 to 05:45, D. of Lopatino from 06:45 at 06:33.
  3. On the route Pinsk-Pair on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, enter the check-in rural settlements Gornova, Sarnicki with simultaneous change of time of departure from AV "Pinsk" this flight is 15:45 and 15:33.