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23 june 2020, 17:10
In the software "Pay.Transport" company-developer of OOO "light Led Organizacin" the possibility of selling tickets reusable (travel) in our city. The…
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22 june 2020, 16:20
In connection with seasonal decrease in passenger traffic, to improve the efficiency of utilization of rolling stock for the summer period with 23.06.2020…
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19 june 2020, 11:23
29.06.2020 at 15.00 in the class and the database will be a meeting of the Commission on combating corruption
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18 june 2020, 16:17
With 20.06.2020 on the route Pinsk-Velyatichi introduced additional flights, departing from AV "Pinsk" at 13:07 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
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15 june 2020, 16:29
With 21.06.2020 in order to service routes commuter changes.
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12 june 2020, 08:43
With 12.06.2020 restored the old scheme of movement of routes And 2,12,12,29,32.
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08 june 2020, 08:46
In order to service routes commuter with 09.06.2020 changes.
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03 june 2020, 15:47
09:00 04.06.2020 the end of the day 08.06.2020, in connection with the construction works of thermal networks, the movement of buses WILL NOT be on the…
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27 may 2020, 16:14
Due to extremely low ridership and the resulting loss in service of the nascent AV "Pinsk" of suburban routes with 30.05.2020 the following changes are…
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27 may 2020, 09:31
With 28.05.2020 in service of regular city routes, the following changes are made. Terminate service of route 19 with the simultaneous organization of…
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25 may 2020, 08:37
With 29.05.2020 due to extremely low ridership and the resulting loss of service served by company routes, intercity makes the following changes. Pinsk-Minsk…
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