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21 april 2020, 16:00 Новости Просмотров: 3199

No one will deny that the threat of the spread of viral infections of public transport, which is the place of the big congestion of the people should be given much more attention the issue of sanitary-epidemiological control.

To best protect public transport passengers from the spread of respiratory viral diseases in JSC "Pinsk bus Park" is constantly working disinfection of buses. Thus, processing affects almost all surfaces of the bus – and outside, in the cabin and in the cockpit.

Daily return bus at the manufacturing base of their salons are systematically cleaning which the winding and consists of several stages of cleaning with application of disinfectants. In the first stage dry and wet floor cleaning (sweeping and cleaning). The second step involves the rubbing. Doors, handrails (including flexible), seats, side panels – all contact zones and places of maximum concentration of bacteria and viruses carefully wiped with a cloth dampened with a solution of disinfectants. The third stage, disinfection of salon by irrigation. The main surfaces of the bus interior (ceilings, Windows) are treated with working solution of disinfectant sputtering method using a hand sprayer.

After cleaning and disinfection of the cabin buses get on line portal car wash, where the horizontal and vertical brushes is mechanical cleaning of all surfaces of the bus, including the roof and underbody. In the process of washing the outer surface of the bus in a mandatory manner is subjected to further processing – the bus is actually dropping a solution of a surface active detergent for the application of the technology of washing of motor vehicles.

In General, we can say "the infection will not pass".

It should also be noted that the conduct of every shift pieceOK, disinfecting and washing of buses on the line gantry wash was carried out at all times, regardless of external circumstances. Now, the range is used destrect greatly expanded. This significantly increased the frequency of cleaning with use of disinfectant working solutions.

All work is performed in strict accordance with the specially designed Instruction on preventive (disinfection) activities of the areas and means of transport in the conditions of unfavorable epidemic situation.

The provisions of this Instruction, inter alia, provided for compulsory ventilation of vehicles.

In conclusion, we believe it is necessary to remind passengers that, in any case, after visiting crowded places should at the first opportunity to wash my hands, and even better – to treat them with antiseptic.